I offer a wide-range of on-site, pick-up or drop-off, as well as remote, computer set up/update/maintenance, repairs, upgrades, networking, data and advisory consulting services to help improve performance and efficiency on home and/or office technology.

The basic charge is $75/hour for my services. The 1st hour is charged in full then in 15 min increments. 

There is no charge to customers for travel time; only current year standard mileage rates.

The following are some of the standard services offered, along with labor estimates.

CheckIT (Diagnostic Service)
Diagnose any single issue with a single computer.
On-Site: $75                                                      Remote: $50

FixIT (Computer Repair Service) 
Repair any single issue with a single computer.
On-Site: $75                                                     Remote: $50

FixIT-STAT! (Emergency Computer Repair Service) 
Repair any single issue with a single computer.
On-Site: $150                                                     Remote: $50

Immunize & OptimizeIT (Virus removal service)        
Remove viruses, malware, spyware, adware, as well as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), and optimize your computer to run at its best.           
On-site: $75                                                      Remote: $50

Set-IT-up (New PC or device setup & installation/update service)
New computer, handheld device, hardware & software setup.
On-Site:$100                                                      Remote: n/a

AdviseIT (Tutorial/Troubleshooting service)
Learn how to get more out of your technology or resolve annoying computer problems yourself.
On-Site: $150                                                     Remote: $80

ReConnectIT (Reconnecting to 3rd party service)
Thorough technology connection after a recent move.
On-Site: $200                                                      Remote: n/a

SaveIT (Data Recovery & Restoration Services)
Recover lost data.  Moving data from one device to another.
On-Site: $200                                                      Remote: n/a

All Prices Are An Estimate And Can Change per Job
"No fix. No fee." Guarantee

If I can't provide you with a solution to your problem, you pay nothing. When you call to make an appointment I will ask for your email address to create a Square account. Once the service is complete, I will process the email you an invoice for payment. There is no charge for the initial phone assessment of your requirements.

 VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash and checks accepted.